Hey! Paul here.

Paul has been in the fitness industry for 8+ years, where he has trained a wide variety of clients with different abilities. As a Fitness Manager, Paul has spent several years teaching personal trainers how to deliver exceptional service. Along with shaping the minds of trainers, Paul has helped numerous clients transform their bodies to achieve their fitness goals. As a former graduate from Recreation Services at Brock University, Paul has always had an interest in Fitness.

A lot of Paul's passion for fitness stemmed from his own personal success story- Paul lost over 100 lbs and later went on to win 1st place in a natural bodybuilding competition. Paul`s personal fitness philosophy is "Everyone has the power to change- most often we just need a spark to light the fire."


Whether you need education or motivation; here is how PT Squared can help you achieve your fitness goals

1 hour
Fitness Assessment


1 hour
Personal Training Session

$40/per hour

1 hour
Fascial Stretching

$85/per hour

12x1 hour
Bootcamp Sessions

$120/per participant



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